Knowledge without wisdom is a loaded gun... - What you can experience
Knowledge without wisdom is a loaded gun... -
There are many ways that you can help.  


Part of this place will be a Goat Sanctuary "Serenity Goat Sanctuary".  This will be a charity once I have completed the paperwork.  Once this is done we will welcome donations and you would be welcome to sponsor one of our goats once we start taking in rescues.


Mankind was not designed, mankind evolved from the caveman to what he or she is today.  We are still natural creatures though with all the spiritual and physical attributes which set us aside from other animals.

Our lifestyle is now not natural so it brings about all manner of problems as we strive to do the best for our families etc.  Even sitting all day in an office is not a natural position for a "creature" born to hunt and farm.  The posture is wrong so with that comes all manner of ills.

The modern day world dictates that there are necessities but that doesn't mean that you can't escape for a while to be who you want to be.  I understand this more than many as I did that when I was working in London.  I was able to go to a Scout Camp and help out and I had hobbies which took me into the "wilds" for the weekend etc.

I'm offering you the same opportunity.


We are offering the opportunity to bring your tent and experience living out under the stars and working on the goat sanctuary and veg plot, the herb garden and looking after the animals that are here.

So, come along for two weeks, pitch your tent and join in with what is going on.


Visitors are welcome to join me in harvesting the thistle which grows in abundance here.  

We welcome you to come and have an enjoyable time using the materials and charms we have here to make protection dolls, poppets, hearts and other charms.  This will help us as the intention is to put them on Ebay and Etsy to help to fundraise for further work here.

The "Stuffing" will be one part thistle (gloves provided!) and either synthetic material or washed sheep's wool from our flock of Llanwennog Sheep.


Compost is the basis of our new herb and flower garden.  The intention is to create a garden following the "rules" set out in a book that I have to create a "magical" garden which is ideal for the plants that live there.

It is overgrown at the moment but the goats will love that.  Helpers will be invited to "harvest" this wonderful forage to feed to Blackstar and Howell, the bucks who are incarcerated for "bothering" the girls!

Raised "containment" beds seem to be the best idea for keeping the plants where they should be and with the water that they need etc.  I am proposing using fencing posts as these are a lot cheaper than boards and they will look very good when put together.  Either one layer high or two, I have a roll of fence posts waiting!

Once this is in place a layer of cardboard should stop the miscreant "wild" incursion of the dock and other locals who will have to find other places to live.  

Once this is cleared or even during we need to harvest the compost from the goat shed.  This is the last year that we will be deep bedding and it has been created so that the goats work in harmony with us, creating the compost that we need.  I do not feel that this is the way that they should live so this year it is all changing.  They need to have their own bedrooms and the straw delivered and removed on a daily basis.

I've always found moving "compost" from the shed a great therapy.  You start with something that looks like an impossible job then shovel by shovel it lessens.  It is a lesson for life.  From what could be seen as a problem you have a wonderful source from which new life shoots.

They have however provided us with a wonderful source of compost which needs to be harvested and moved to the herb garden.

It would be too rich for this year but once it is in place it can be covered with black plastic or feed bags and made secure for the winter.  The winter weather and the worms will then turn it into soil for planting next year with no need to dig or disturb the ground (which kills loads of worms etc however careful you are).

In 2020 we will be able to plant the first perennial seeds which hopefully with the mother's help will provide a source of materials for our helpers and something that we can sell to keep this place going.


If you know something about plants you are welcome to come and take a look around and "map" what we naturally have.  


I'm looking into an old Welsh tradition of making Ink out of foxglove and then painting it in the house to protect the home.  

This would be something that would be lovely to make.  Visitors can take some home with them and we may be able to sell some to help to keep this place going.


This is a reasonably large carpentry job as the way they live at present is free range inside.  This does mean that the "bullies" get more of the food and it is not possible to give them the personal care and feeding that I'd like.

So... we need to make as many "bedrooms pens" as we can so that the goats can live in pairs or small family groups.


I've bought a tent and "portapotty" to get us started but the first job really should be creating a compost toilet.  

I am happy to fund the timber to create this and the ideal location will present itself.


The lower field and side field fencing is "patched" and could do with replacing.  Thumping "womping" in posts is a great therapy and gets rid of a lot of pent up tension!

If you know how to do this then great.  If not I can help out and show you.


Guests are welcome to visit for up to two weeks to "escape" their normal everyday life.  You will have to bring your own tent and sleeping bag etc and it is certainly not five star accommodation.

If this is not for you then there are bed and breakfasts up the road, a five star hotel and a Holiday Inn like place within 15 minutes so you could stay there and visit during the day.  Not everyone is fit enough to camp!


Spending time with goats is a great therapy.  They would love a brush and they love to be with people.


We have a number of dogs here who are exercised freely in their own field when it is their "turn".  They would love to go with you on a walk around the near 100 acres of Green Castle Woods which surrounds this place.  The paths are well set or you can go off track and investigate.  You can enter Green Castle Woods from our land so there is no need to go on the road.

The Coastal Path goes down to Llansteffan where there is a castle and beach though I'm not sure when the dogs are allowed on the beach.

You wouldn't be able to let the dogs off but they are a joy to walk on the lead.


Goats will walk on a lead when they get used to it.  There is a circuit around the five acre field which would be ideal for this or you could take them around the 18 acres of their own wild bit.


Donkeys are amazing and we have two lovely donkeys here.  Windsor and Bagshaw are named after my junior school teachers (Piano and Nature) and Mrs Bagshaw introduced me to a love of donkeys.  

They came as "seaside" donkeys but they were a bit "wild".  So to start with we would only invite those who are experienced with horses and donkeys to handle them.  Once they are a little bit more used to it they could be handled by anyone and taken for a walk, brushed and generally fussed.

We have an exercise cart so it is the hope once they are used to it that those who cannot so easily walk with them could be able to ride on the cart while they are walked around the circuit.


There is a huge barn wall which is crying out for an arts project!


Last year we put in a double sectional "garage".  The big door is fixed and it is entered by the side door and it would make a great new "tavern" for people to meet and socialise in when the weather is awful.


When the hedgerows were put in there were a lot of trees left over.  These are struggling to survive in bags and buckets and as we had wanted to build a labyrinth anyway, why not use them?

It doesn't have to be a complicated design, perhaps just a spiral to a central healing area.  

If anyone would like to come and help to create it that would be fantastic.

Someone mentioned "sensory".  If the labyrinth is made as a spiral then the long grass could grow in it and then walking through the long grass would be sensory.  


When the electricity company took down the poles here they left them.  If they were sliced up and stood on their ends they would make a great raised pond.  As they are coated in creosote they are of no use for plants or animal shelters.  

With a waterproof membrane inside and banking earth around the outside they would make a great pond and our three goldfish would love a new home.

In the future it could be a lovely place to sit or it could be created in the "water" area of the "magical" garden.


This is a lovely place but has been abandoned.  It may have been a small quarry once.  It is only small but it would make a lovely storytelling area.  

There are some rusty pieces which need to "go" and the tip is just down the road where they could be recycled or if someone is creative they could be made into a sculpture.

A huge Ash tree came down on the track to the storytelling area.  It was almost as if it was volunteering to be sliced to make seats for this area or a couple of storytelling ""thrones" for the storytellers?


You have to prove that you have a fundraising income before they will consider you for a charity so you can fundraise!  

So I need to fundraise.

I am selling things on Ebay under trinketsfancies.  I don't have a shop yet as I am selling as a private seller as I get free listing.

I can make poppets for you.

The above charm is a gift to someone who is going on a journey.  I have many other designs.


I am making felt hearts filled with lavender, sheep fleece or synthetic fibre which could have a silhouette of your pet on them.  "Heartfelt" - coming soon but I needed to get this typed, I'll get on to making some examples asap!

You are welcome to buy my kindle books on Amazon.  All the money from selling them will go to this project.


and others...

Also coming:

Designer Dog Coats
Pet Bags
Goat Coats
Dolls & Bears for wishes and charms

Old Castle Castell Moel Motte
As the name would suggest, this is actually the "Old Castle".  There is an earthworks which is a Medieval Motte and Bailey.
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