Knowledge without wisdom is a loaded gun... - Why Eden Dream?
Knowledge without wisdom is a loaded gun... -

Why Eden Dream?

What is the Eden Dream?  
The name was inspired by friends some 20 years ago who played in a Dark Future Live Roleplaying Game which was called “Interwired”.  It has just had the 25 year anniversary from the date it started but it finished some 20 years ago.  It was fun to play in and think out what a world would be like and it dovetailed really well with my beliefs.  It was a time of inspiration and a time before many of the major changes which have happened in life.  It was not long after that I joined the College of Psychic Studies and more information came my way.  There were other aspects as well which I won’t go into.  
The dream of “Eden” is where the world provides what we need but symbiotically we are beneficial to the planet rather than the virus we are now.  Knowledge without Wisdom is a loaded gun and that was the first message given by the story of the Garden Of Eden.  Adam and Eve were content and happy before they were given knowledge which gave them a need for all the other things. 
The Eden Dream is the dream of returning to a situation where everyone has “enough”.  A world where things are made, used, recycled and when they are done with composted or used for something else.  There is no need to sit in a field eating mung beans to be a benefit to the planet.  There is no need to “do without” as long as what you do have is loved, kept and looked after.  To be honest, our ancestors had it right.  They would have something beautiful, look after it and use it for many years.  This is a cry out against pointless consumerism where fashions change daily in all manner of things, even dogs!
Ten years ago I stepped away from the rat race.  It was a bit of a surprise which came about when my then partner had an injury and as they were cutting down on Forest Keepers he was going to be made redundant.  That meant losing our tied cottage and him needing a new job.  So I was musing on the internet one day as I was wondering what to do, put in smallholding and found somewhere in Wales.  It was where the ex went on holiday, where he had memories of his mum, his father loved it and we finally found somewhere and moved in a hurry.  He stayed in London, I was left there on my own to get on with it and saw him at weekends.  That in itself removed the need for work clothes and all the trappings of “vanity”.  I say that in an amusing way as it was mostly laziness that the animals really wouldn’t mind.  In fact, wearing perfume used to really upset my ponies!  I lived a bit wild but of course in an ordinary house with all the wants and needs of modern day living.  I wasn’t so much a traitor to my beliefs as that was just life.  Of course that didn’t really fit with the husband.  He’d come to the place as a “wild thing” who was spiritual and suddenly became something else, craving the “modern world” and wanting his old job back.  I found something else.  After it all being a bit of a whirlwind I found where I had to be and a life I loved.  So far from make up, high heels and dressing up daily...
Moving here was one of those ideas that you just do if you are looking for an adventure.  I wanted something fabulous for the animals and something “out of this world” as a place to be.  Not for myself, but somewhere that others can share and a place of retreat from the world that I understood all too well.  Not everyone can give up their job and in truth choosing to live in a caravan is a challenge in itself.  
That was almost by accident.  I’d been looking at the possibility of buying some land and then trying to do the One Planet Development.  The problem with that is that it is actually contrary to my beliefs that breaking new ground for accommodation is a bad thing.  I sort of had a bit of a belief malfunction.  Thankfully Spirit was more cunning than that.  
I’d given up looking in Wales although I do love the country and I’d started looking in Dorset and Devon.  I was firmly told by the estate agents that anything like One Planet is not acceptable there and that I’d never manage it.  I kept looking though and found this awful looking listing with dark barns and all a bit run down.  The barns had no doors but there was a huge concrete yard and the right to live in a caravan on site.  That ticked boxes I couldn’t ignore.  It actually catered for all of it, the “better for the animals” and land, all 35 acres of it.  The advertising was pretty sketchy but we went to see it.  
When we looked around we visited the barns which were big and divided into four so that dealt with everyone.  We walked down what is now “Home Field” and “Estuary Field” but we didn’t venture into the woods and we sort of looked over the other farmland and put in our offer.
We bought it in the January but didn’t actually move in until March due to being ill and the whole logistics situation of getting everyone moved.  Paperwork had to be done and we had to try to sort out the electricity and water which had to be moved onto separate systems.  
The sale had been part of a divorce and as soon as the husband had a buyer for our bit of land the wife put the house next door up for sale and it sold immediately.  It was an awful ruin and extremely expensive for what it was but they were lucky as they found a couple who didn’t seem to worry about money.  They did however insist that we had the water and electricity separated swiftly, even asking if we’d do it sooner than the time we had been given so that they could complete sooner.  We were told they were trouble by the estate agent and he wasn’t far wrong.
We had a dilemma with the electricity as the cables ran right across the yard and to live under them was unpleasant.  I’d always wanted to live off grid and when I found out they didn’t have a wayleave that was the perfect opportunity to tell them to take the poles away.  They said they couldn’t cut off the neighbours, that was their problem, there were other ways they could bring electricity in and I felt it would be a way of making us live off the grid.  
There wasn’t much thought given to the power supply as things were a bit chaotic at the time so I just ordered a single panel off of the internet and put that on the touring caravan and we got on with it.  Practicality should have said get a proper system and wire it in properly but that wasn’t the way we did it.  
It took a bit of juggling with just one panel and only two batteries which only had the power from that one panel but with the blocks from the pound shop we managed to power fairy lights, phones and the tablet so that once the television went off we still had something to watch.  It was very basic, not thought out and we made life a lot harder for ourselves than we needed to just because it was sort of temporary.  There was a possibility of moving the 16 panels from the hold house and the cost of installing them.  
In the end I gave in and we signed up to the electricity.  Solar and a generator is not environmentally friendly and far too expensive and as the electricity was offered on the grounds of the cables going the poles going and the electricity going underground we thought why not?  I gave in on the grounds that we’d use the power when we’d use the generator but of course that didn’t happen, it is electricity for everything now.  BUT, if you look at how power is generated by the company, SSE is who we send power to at the old house, SSE is who I buy power from so I can justify it that we are buying back the power that we are being paid to generate.
This place is amazing and it has so much potential.  With everything else going on we have piles of things to go to the tip and to be burnt to set up the fire pit.  Now is the time to do that and to be able to offer this to others to be able to use.
The first walk on the land was amazing.  Hidden Valley is just that, you turn a corner and there it is, 6-8 acres of woodland, bracken and clearings.  There is a natural storytelling area which would make a great puppet theatre.  We can put a Labyrinth here as we have spare land and all those things are possible, if there is interest and help.

My parents did things in a time when people were enthusiastic.  Does that enthusiasm still exist?  I’m interested in Arts and creativity but do people just pay lip service to it and not actually want to “do it”.  The gauntlet is down...  The place is here...  

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