Knowledge without wisdom is a loaded gun... - Widget the Frixian
Knowledge without wisdom is a loaded gun... -
Widget the Frixian
Widget loves to travel.  She has travelled the Universes but now she is earthbound in the body of a puppet.  It is the only way that she can have a physical presence in our dimension.

Widget is a Frixian.  They have been on this earth for many years.  They have been inhabiting puppets and toys and keeping children safe from the monster under the bed and the one in the wardrobe.

But, children lost interest in their soft toys and began to prefer computer games.  So, as the toys were forgotten the Frixians left the world.

Children became nastier and more selfish.  Without the gentle Frixians to influence them the Goblians began to win.  They multiplied, feeding on the aner and negative emotions of the modern world.

Frixians were all but gone.  The Weaver of Dreams was a distant memory and the Toymaker had died.  It was not looking good for humanity.

Then two Frixians woke up.

They had been frozen in the cryogenic unit of a spaceship which had laid dormant on Earth for many years disguised as a little pub.  The pub when they woke up had just been a small barn.  They had been awoken when the owner was open to ideas and they could talk to her.  That spark started a chain of events.

The barn was turned into a Tavern for a roleplaying game but that actually reflected the reality of what the Tavern was elsewhere.  It was designed to swap with other similar ships in other dimensions, taking everything with it.  It also travelled through time and space.  So by building it "again" it was given the ability to travel again.

Time has moved on and it is nearly ten years since it was recreated.  It is a job done.  The Widgets are awake and they are bringing Frixians back to the world.  Information about their story can be found in the book "No Strings Attached" by Angela Timms.  

Those who love their toys can now have a Frixian Friend too.
Widget has written a novel about the goings on and what has been happening.  Apparently us mere mortals have missed quite a lot!

The house and original barn are being sold.  The Widgets have moved to another place but the story continues.  They are now happy at Old Castle and wondering what to do next.  
She is still interested in a cart pulled by a goat so she can take a look around the place but that means renovating the cart and training a goat.  The original goat picked for this was an Arapawa Wether.  He was so rare that he had to go with the goat which was donated to Mary Arden Farm as a companion.  Now that Davina, the goat who went there, has a mate (Patrick) and is settled he is not needed there.  He was a good friend of Opal, their kid so he has come home.  He is now much older and much bigger so training him would not be easy.  We are most likely to wait for next year's kids and train a couple of them from a very young age.  

Widget loves to investigate plaes disguised as the puppet which houses her spirit.  She has been to Saundersfood and Oakwood Theme Park this year.
She didn't think much of Oakwood.  The little train wasn't running, there was hardly anyone there and the place looked unloved and run down.  She tried to bring some magic to it but the Goblians had snick in too.  They had probably arrived because someone died there.
It was a shame as the place had great potential.  The bar and food were expensive and the change machine didn't work so she couldn't even try to win a toy.

Saundersfoot was great though.  it was her first ride on the Harley Davidson Motorbike, teh sun was shining, it was crowded and people were happy.
There may be another trip out this year but the weather is closing in and there is a lot to do at the new place.

She will miss the old place, the lovely Kitchen/Diner was a great room.
The new place is more ancient and suits a Frixian spirit.  The plans are basic and mostly revolve around her goat friends and dog friends but there are one or two more fun things that she likes too.
She is fascinated by the idea of building a Healing Circle Labyrinth.  it is like a maze but there is only one way in and out.  She can't wait to see it finished and is amused that there is going to be a documentary film made about it.
Sarah Frixian Friend is coming to do the filming and to help put it together.  Hopefully the words said will be in Welsh and English.  So the new monument can be created which will be an old one in the future.
Widget is an adapted puppet.  I have written a couple of stories and novels about her but she is also a physical puppet.  We take her to places to amuse people and then we write the story about where she has visited or she writes a Widget Review.  

(Not in any particular order)

Now that Minstrel is back he needs a trainer and keeper.  He is going to be the riding and harness goat and that means someone has to ride and train him.  Sam is a large golden bear who came from the Cancer Research Shop in Carmarthen.

Sam has always had an affinity with animals.  He is one of the new Frixians to come through the new gateway in the trees near to the spring.  He is just finding his feet but then so is Minstrel as he has not long come home.

GERKIN the Cook
Well stand in cook as he is awful.  He doesn't really want to cook, he'd rather be making wooden things and when there is someone to take over he will be in the workshop making things.  Until then they will have to suffer his awful cooking!

Rasdaman joined the crew on their first outing as The Tavern.  At the time he was a Fixer who could find anything.  Unfortunately due to some of the unfortunate happenings of that trip he lost a lot of respect and contacts.  He also got shot and it was then that his spirit was put into the cryo unit and then re-emerged as soon as a suitable body was fond for him.  Rasdaman has always had dreadlocks but for the time before they met him he had had to resort to a wig due to an unfortunate accident with a client who wasn't happy.  Thankfully for him now he can still keep the same wig which has now been attached to the soft toy he inhabits.  He has become a Frixianfriend, a spirit which has become a Frixian.  It was a thank you from the Weaver of Dreams for a duty he did for her.  It can never be done again but it did mean that he didn't have to die.

FIDGET hasn't got a job.  She is a young Frixian and very keen to help.  Unfortunately a lot of the things she does go wrong.  

(c) Angela Timms 2018
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